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Our PCB and Metal Finishing Capabilities

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At Alternate Finishing, Inc. we take pride in our PCB and metal finishing capabilities. We specialize in surface finish techniques and electroplating services to ensure superior PCB surface treatment through our meticulous deposition processes. 

Our expertise guarantees the highest quality standards. With an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation, we deliver unparalleled results in PCB surface finishes, improving performance while safeguarding your electronics against environmental stressors. 

We blend cutting-edge technology with unmatched craftsmanship to meet and exceed your expectations for solutions that will endure and excel.

Metal and PCB Surface Finish Types We Provide Include:

  • Hard Gold (130-200 Knoop) 
  • Soft Wire-bondable Gold (<90 Knoop)
  • Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Immersion Silver final finish
  • Electroless Gold
  • Copper
  • XRF thickness measurement
Photo of a monitor and XRF measuring equipment.

Company Overview:

Alternate Finishing is a small specialized plating company established in 2002. We are located in Hudson, Massachusetts. We perform high-quality metal finishing for PCBs and many other electronic parts for various industries.

Facility Dimensions:

10,000 square foot single story building

  • 7500 sf dedicated to manufacturing
  • 2000 sf dedicated to quality assurance
  • 500 sf dedicated to administration


  • Production rate and lead times vary with size, shape and requirements.
  • Different surface finish types for PCB and other electronic components are offered including:
    • ENIG (Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold)
      • Automated
      •  Printed circuits up to 26”x 30” flex, rigid, and rigid-flex
      • As many as ninety 18”x 24” panels per hour
      • Electroless Nickel has 6-8% Phosphorous.
      • Electroless Nickel can also be processed with 8-10% Phosphorous
    • Electrolytic Nickel, Hard Gold and Soft Gold
      • Hand line
        • Printed circuits up to 24”x30”
        • Eight panels per hour at typical requirements
    • Immersion Silver on copper parts and circuits
      • PCB finishing for printed circuits up to 24”x18”
    • Electroless Gold
      • Common sizes: 5×7, 5×4, 3×3, 2×2
Photo of a lab technician working with chemicals.

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