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High-Tech Plating

Welcome to Alternate Finishing Inc. (AFI) where we provide plating services including electroless plating, electroplating and selective plating methods for high-tech PCB applications.

Elevating Electronics in Aerospace, Semiconductors, and Automotive

High-Tech Plating Services Offered By Alternate Finishing, Inc.

  • Consultation and technical support
  • Surface preparation
  • ENIG plating
  • Selective ENIG plating for high-tech PCBs 
  • Panelization and routing 
  • Custom metal finishing services solutions
  • Quick turnaround services

Work With Us

At AFI we proudly serve customers throughout the United States and Canada by providing high-tech plating services for their PCBs and electronic components.

When you entrust us with a project we typically aim to complete and deliver the products within a day. For urgent tech plating needs we strive to finish the job on the same day. Call us for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which materials can be plated using Alternate Finishing, Inc.’s plating services?
Our advanced plating services cater to a range of materials including metals like aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and various alloys. We are open to discussing material requirements based on your project’s needs.
How does Alternate Finishing Inc. Ensure that its high-tech plating processes maintain quality control?
We have implemented measures throughout each stage of the plating process to guarantee top-notch high-tech PCB finishes. This includes conducting testing, and inspections and adhering to industry standards.
Can Alternate Finishing Inc. Provide customized plating solutions, for applications?
Absolutely! We understand that different industries and applications have their requirements. Our team works closely with clients to develop tailored high-tech metal finishing solutions that cater to their needs whether it’s for aerospace, automotive, electronics or any other industry.
What are the main advantages of metal plating for high-tech industries?
Metal plating offers benefits such as resistance against corrosion and wear, increased hardness levels, enhanced conductivity properties and the ability to create specialized surface characteristics.

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