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Hard Gold plating

Gold Plate

Gold plating has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it also offers exceptional solderability and is a superb reflector of infrared radiation. Alternate Finishing can provide two different types electrolytic gold plate and electroless gold. Each serves a different purpose;


Hard Gold

Is used for contacts such as edge board connectors or a key pad. The hard gold we use is also a solderable gold.

The thickness specified for contacts is either .8 microns (30 microinches) minimum or 1.3 microns (50 microinches minimum). The thickness specified for solderability should be a maximum of .8 microns (30 microinches).

This gold meets the requirements of Mil-G-45204 and Mil-DTL-45204, type I or type II, grade C. It also meets the requirements ASTM B-488-01, type I or type II, code C.



Hard Gold edge fingers
Hard Gold test coupon
Hard Gold Connector array
Electroless Gold
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