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Metal Finishing Services we provide include:


  • Hard Gold (130-200 Knoop) 

  • Soft Wirebondable Gold (<90 Knoop)

  • Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG)

  • Immersion Silver final finish

  • Electroless Gold

  • Copper

  • XRF thickness measurement


Company Overview:

We are a small specialized plating company, located in Hudson, Massachussetts established in 2002. We currently have 7 employees.


Facility Dimensions:

10,000 square foot single story building

  • 7500 sf dedicated to manufacturing

  • 2000 sf dedicated to quality assurance

  • 500 sf dedicated to administration




Production rate and lead times vary with size, shapes and requirements.


  • ENIG (Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold)

    • Automated

    •  Printed circuits up to 26”x 30” flex, rigid, and rigid-flex

    • As many as ninety 18”x 24” panels per hour

    • Electroless Nickel has 6-8% Phosphorous.

    • Electroless Nickel can also be processed with 8-10% Phosphorous


  • Electrolytic Nickel, Hard Gold and Soft Gold

    • Hand line

      • Printed circuits up to 24”x30”

      • Eight panels per hour at typical requirements


  • Immersion Silver on copper parts and circuits​

    • Printed Circuits up to 24”x18”


  • Electroless Gold

    • Common sizes: 5x7, 5x4, 3x3, 2x2





XRF Thickness measurement
Chemical analysis of process solutions
Titrations for process control
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